05 - 07 July 2024

Celebrating cinema, food & wine culture

Under the Athens stary sky!


Films revolving around food and drink from around the world!

Tasting experience

Indulge in restaurant pop-ups, wine experiences, food truck rallies


Awesome foodie seminars & industry insider sessions!


Dinners featuring renowned international & local chefs.


Films & Recipies

The Taste of Things

July 05, 2024


The story of Eugenie, an esteemed cook, and Dodin - the fine gourmet chef she has been working for over the last 20 years

Festivals & Awards

  • Cannes Film Festival Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Happy Sandwitch

July 06, 2024


One day, Shogo Manna, who operates a restaurant, is ordered by Kaminchu (Shinto priest) to “create a sandwich worthy of being offered to the gods. ”In the quest for a sandwich of such fine quality, Shogo travels around to meet with numerous people involved in the food business.

Festivals & Awards

  • Kimolos International Film Festival

New Life

July 07, 2024


On the death of his stepfather, Aldo, an anchorman in crisis, inherits the farmhouse in the countryside where he spent most of his childhood. Depressed and waiting for an answer for the resumption of his old TV show, sends his young assistant Susy to deal with the paperwork.

Festivals & Awards

  • Portugal Indie Film Festival

French Cuisine

Summer Fruit Millefeuille

Japanese Cuisine

Teriyaki Chicken

Italian Cuisine

Mushroom Risotto

Side Activities

Culinary Art for People with Disabillities

Acropolis Chef's Club of Attica is organising a culinary art workshop for people with disabillities, under the spectrum of inclusiveness, respect and solidarity towards our fellow citizens who with dignity claim equal access to education, work and all social activities.


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